Online Marketing Options

Online marketing refers to the practice of advertising your product or service using a variety of different methods. These can include sending email blasts to a pre-collected list, utilising a well-optimised landing page, and can also incorporate other offline advertising mediums such as television and magazines to gain website exposure.

We are going to talk about some of the most popular and easiest marketing options on the Internet currently.

PPC marketing

Pay per click marketing, or PPC, is a method of internet marketing where advertisers will pay a specific fee each time one of their ads clicked. Think of it as a way of buying visitors to your site, rather than earning them organically. The use of search engine advertising is the most popular type of PPC. It enables advertisers to bid for ad space placements when someone searches for a desirable keyword that is related to their business. This is essentially a way of making yourself visible at the top of search engine results, without having to spend a long time ranking up your site.

Every time the ad is clicked, and a visitor has reached your site; you will have to pay a small fee. If you have set up your PPC campaign correctly, the fee should be nullified by the potential conversions that can take place. In competitive niches, you may find that you have to spend a few dollars per click, but if out of every ten people who click your ad, you generate one conversion that earns you $400, then the click prices are fairly trivial.

Having said that, if your website and its contents are well optimised and offer visitors something of value, you will often find that your pay per click price starts to decrease, which will result in you having a higher profit. So while PPC is great, it’s important that you don’t skimp out on website quality.

PPC keyword research

Just like doing keyword research for your website, PPC keyword research can be a very time-consuming ordeal, but it is necessary. Your entire campaign will revolve around the keywords that you decide to target, and those that generates the most from PPC are individuals that are constantly refining and testing their lists. If you only do keyword research once, it’s likely that you are missing out on thousands of low-cost and relevant keywords that could be boosting your conversion rates at minimal cost.

You need to make sure that these keywords are relevant. Otherwise, you will be paying for web traffic that has no interest in your business. You need keywords that will lead to a high click-through rate, which will generate a better effective cost per click and will result in increased profits. The keywords that you bid on should be as closely related to your products or services, as much as possible.

It’s important that you don’t forget about longtail keywords. These keywords are less commonly searched, but a lot more specific. These type of keywords usually add up to most of the traffic that websites have. They will also be a lot less competitive and will be cheaper to bid on.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing involves using various social media platforms to achieve more communication and to reach branding goals. Primarily, this will be done by sharing various contents for marketing purposes, which will include videos and images. Paid social media marketing is also popular.

Using social media to market your service or brand is an invaluable tool. Using these platforms allows your customers, or potential customers, to engage with you as a business. A lot of people will search for businesses on social media, and if they can’t find decent profiles, then they will likely look elsewhere. Social media can also be used as a PPC platform, that we have spoken about previously. The same rules apply, although certain content will do better than others.

Know your platform

Facebook is the first social media platform that everyone thinks of initially. It’s important that you spend a lot of time creating a high-quality Facebook page, as this will likely be one of the most viewed profiles in your arsenal. The goals of a business Facebook page is to post niche related content, as well as engage with your target audience. Facebook is a website that is primarily used to chat with friends, so it’s important that your writing tone is light and friendly.

Twitter is another widely used social media marketing tool. It allows you to broadcast mini updates as well as allowing you to follow key leaders in your field. It’s important that you not only post about official news and discounts, but you post some light-hearted tweets too. If customers have tweeted something nice about you or your business, it is a very good idea to retweet them. Not only does this allow you to show off real user testimonials, but also makes them feel more valued. Twitter social media marketing thrives on communication and engagement, so it’s important that you use it often.

LinkedIn is a social media platform that is intended for professionals. The use of LinkedIn groups is a great way to network with other professionals in your industry, as well as a place to share applicable content. If possible, try and encourage your clients or customers to give your business a recommendation on your profile. This will make your business appear more reliable to any potential clients who may stumble across it.

YouTube can be a powerful marketing tool. The number one mistake most businesses make is that they try to make viral content. Your best bet is to make instructive and helpful videos that people who may be interested in your services or products could benefit from. These will then naturally gain more views, as well as making it rank better in search engines, which will then generate more organic traffic for your website.

Reddit can be hit or miss, although the potential is incredible. Reddit uses a voting system for content, as well as having many rules concerning self-promotion. Your best bet, if you wish to use Reddit as a marketing tool, is to slowly build up your profile, then post a unique and interesting piece of content which should then be welcomed with open arms. The average demographic for Reddit users are that they are in their mid-20s, with at least college-level education.

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