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Keyword Research

Keyword research refers to the process of finding popular search queries that your potential clients are searching for, and establishing whether or not they should be pursued.

For instance, if you ran an a vehicle garage in London, you’d want your website to rank for every single vehicle related query possible. However, not all keywords are achievable without a high budget. It could be that ‘MOTs in London’ is very competitive and difficult to rank for, but ‘Cheap MOTs in London’ has considerably less competition, thus giving you more of a chance of hitting the first page.

The aim of keyword research isn’t just to find the biggest search terms, but to find search terms that your website has a realistic chance of ranking for.

Keyword research

We will find the best and easiest keywords that your website can rank for. It's always better to rank for lots of smaller terms, rather than throwing everything at a single keyword.

Custom content

Using blog posts is the easiest way to increase the word count on your website, to allow you to target more keywords. We can write custom content completely catered around the keywords we find.

Link building

We can tailor your link building efforts around your new keywords, to give them the best chance of hitting the first page of Google as quickly as possible.